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Linda Richards, MSE,LPC
I specialize in helping people get past their "stuck points".   We all have stuck points and blind spots.  We all do things that cause us to say to ourselves, "I wonder why I did that!"  
I have worked in the mental health field and specifically in the area of trauma since 1997.  All of us have experienced some kind of trauma or neglect in our lives.  That's because we're human. We make mistakes as people, as parents, as imperfect but beautiful beings.  Or maybe it wasn't anything to do with family.  Maybe we become a victim of an accident, crime, a natural disaster, poverty, etc.  This affects how we see and feel the world around us.  It is often the impetus behind any of our behaviors. This can also affect our performance in school, sports, interactions with families and friends.
I have utilized EMDR, Trauma Model therapy, brain spotting, DBT, CBT and Ego state therapies.  I work with children and adults of all ages.  Don't  let your own fears hold you back from reaching your full potential!
Lindsay Loewe MSAT, LPC, NCC, IDP-AT
I am a licensed mental health and substance abuse psychotherapist. I hold a master’s degree in art therapy and appreciate being able to use alternative methods in fostering overall well-being. I am diligent in understanding research and brain-based practices to promote sustainability. I believe strongly in a systems-approach which looks at both external (family, friends, teachers, caregivers, community) and internal supports to help achieve your desired goals. I will work with you to identify goals, take steps to achieve those goals, overcoming barriers to change, and building the strengths that already lie within you.
I have experience in residential drug and alcohol treatment, inpatient hospital treatment, outpatient treatment, community support systems, and private practice. I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups across the lifespan and offer services both in-office as well as in the Ripon schools and Omro schools. I love hearing about people’s journey of how they got here and working with them from a trauma-informed perspective to keep moving forward!
About SuaSponte Center, LLC
We are committed to providing therapies that bring out the best in people.  Everyone in life has "stuck points."  Don't let it keep you from achieving your goals.  We specialize in helping people shift their perspectives with scientific, evidence based therapies.  As well as person centered, trauma informed care.  We don't ask what's wrong with you.  We ask what happened to you?

SuaSponte Center, LLC was established in 2012 in Ripon, WI.  Our vision is to provide the community with quality mental health services, using the latest technologies and advances in mental health care.
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My name is Griffin! I am a 2-1/2 year old goldendoodle working toward my therapy dog certification. I love coming to the office and being in the community to help people! I am friendly and very good with children and adults of all ages. I love supporting people in their journey to wellness. Sometimes I understand that people aren’t comfortable with dogs (especially big ones like me) and can sense when that happens so I am sure to hang-back and allow you to be in session without me. Other times, it is rewarding for me to know that I have helped overcome some fears that people have which can translate well in overcoming other barriers in their lives. I am excited to meet you and love to be helpful!
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Katelynn Kinas, LMFT